Show Us Your Creativity - How Do We Make Hearing Aids COOL?

Cost and vanity (or the stigma) of wearing hearing aids are the two most common reasons why people of all ages don't wear hearing aids.  After all, don't we all think that someone looks "old" or "feeble" if they need a hearing aid? 


When I was a kid, if you wore glasses they called you "four  eyes" AND you had better be able to run fast to get away from the mean kids who taunted you. Fast forward to 2012 where eye glasses are now a fashion statement.  People wear frames with no prescription just to look cool! Interesting how trends change.


We are launching the Audiotoniq ® Hearing Aids very soon, it is really quite exciting!  We definitely have solved the cost issue but we need your help to make hearing aids cool.


I am asking all to fire up their creative juices!  Please send us any suggestions on how to make hearing aids cool.  The top 10 suggestions will be awarded $50 each for their entry.  


Please submit your entry via email to me, by June 1, 2012.  We will publish the to 10 ideas and the author. Be sure to include your email address and telephone number (if we need to contact you for some reason) with your submission.


Thanks so much for your help, we appreciate it.


Ch Ears,


Harold Mindlin

VP Marketing & Sales

Audiotoniq, Inc.



Yes it would and you will be

Yes it would and you will be able to listen to your iphone or other digital sources through your MyWay Hearing Aids.

Illl b cOol if u can Play ur

Illl b cOol if u can Play ur music trough ur phone intO ur hearing aid. Like headphones.

1)Educating kids about

1)Educating kids about hearing loss, especially in school assemblies.
2)Have young people who use hearing aids speak about the benefits they received.
3)Highlight high profile young people that use HA.
4)Lower the cost (most important)If cost was at a minimun, more people would try HA, some would use them, some would not, but a least they would try them. For young people, parents would be more willing to buy them for their kids knowing that kids may not end up using them; but spending even a couple of thousand dollars for the hearing aids you are planning to sell, is still to expensive for most people. Lowering the prices is a win win situation for both the consumer and the seller. Look how many people have several pair of prescription glasses laying around? Starting retailing hearing aids at $500 per hearing aid for the BTE model and recruit audiologist to (5) do the hearing test and adjustments for reasonable fee. I bet that just like glasses, if cost was lower, more people would be more willing to buy them.

I know by experience, ( I am a pastor who is on temporary disability) Who have spoken to many people over the years of how they would buy HA if they could afford it. It turns out, that I need a pair of HA and can't afford them myself.





What about making the hearing

What about making the hearing aids so that they can be hung from the ears like earrings, with stylish or metallic covers? Since they are outside the ear canal anyway, maybe there is a way to make them look like earrings. :-)

How about using Siri to make

How about using Siri to make changes.
Also have a noise canceling setting that you could use when cutting the lawn, using a power tool etc.

I actually talked a newspaper

I actually talked a newspaper writer into doing an article about me, my HAs, my HA charms (from, and my Ear Gear ( It was published in the Birmingham News on March 1, and included pictures in the paper and on line. Here's the link:

Give the smartphone owner,

Give the smartphone owner, who also the Audiotoniq user, a way to send him/herself jokes that only the Audiotoniq wearer can hear! Nothing like walking around laughing out loud (AKA LOL) to make people curious, even if not outright cool! Or 860-930-4980

Great initiative... maybe our

Great initiative... maybe our recent feature "Putting the Cool in Hearing Aid Design" serves as inspiration:

The Number One Answer:

The Number One Answer: Skinits, which is what Advanced Bionics features.

Of course, you met Hayleigh from Hayleigh's Cherished Charms last June at the HLAA Convention.

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